The Latest CNAPS Bank Code Form

What is the “Latest CNAPS Bank Code Form”?

A: CNAPS Bank Code is the code of bank institutions developed and published by the People’s Bank of China and used in fund transfers and clearing between different banks.

When you transfer funds between banks, you may inquire and select the CNAPS codes of the payee’s account opening banks, so that the system can rapidly and automatically process your transaction instruction.

List CNAPS Bank Code Form

外资银行 Foreign banks
城市信用社 Urban credit cooperatives
浦东发展银行 Pudong Development Bank
兴业银行 Industrial Bank
招商银行 China Merchants Bank
中信银行 CITIC Bank
光大银行 Everbright Bank
民生银行 Minsheng Bank
华夏银行 Huaxia Bank
广东发展银行 Guangdong Development Bank
国家开发银行 China Development Bank
中国进出口银行 Import Bank of China
农业发展银行 Agricultural Development Bank
深圳发展银行 Shenzhen Development Bank
交通银行 Bank of Communications
城市商业银行 City commercial banks
农村商业银行 信用社 Rural commercial banks credit unions
农业银行 Agricultural Bank of China
中国银行 Bank of China
中国工商银行 Commercial Bank of China
中国建设银行 China Construction Bank

Please find the complete list of CNAPS codes, here: CNAPS Codes.

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